1. What is Mycreativewall portal all about?

    Mycreativewall is a portfolio based hiring platform focusing on the design community. There are portfolios of 7000+ designers published on the website. You can browse the profiles of designers, shortlist and hire them directly.

  2. What are the charges for hiring from Mycreativewall?

    There are subscription based plans as well as customized hiring plans based on the requirement of the company. The online subscription plan starts from Rs. 499 (30 days validity).

  3. What do I get in Rs. 499 premium plan?

    You get unlimited access to contact details of all the designers on the platform. You can connect with the designers directly. There is no additional fee to be paid. Yes. You need to search the profiles and connect individually.

  4. What kind of designers / creatives are available in your platform?

    We have Graphic Designers, Illustrators, UI Designers, Photographers, Web Designers, Art Directors, Visualizers. There are both freelance as well as full-time designers looking for jobs.

  5. How do I contact the designers by clicking on ‘Hire Button” in candidate profile?

    You’ll get full access to the contact details of the candidates after you’ve subscribed to a premium plan.

  6. I want to go for customized hiring support. What should I do?

    Send us an e-mail with your requirement to support@mycreativewall.com or call +91 75066 44699 - +91 72189 58769

  7. Is there a free job post?

    Yes. You can post one job and shortlist 3 candidates for free in trial plan.

  8. I’m unable to login after registration. What to do?

    You must have received an e-mail with an activation link to activate your mycreativewall account. Please check your junk / spam folder. If you’re unable to find activation e-mail, send an e-mail to support@mycreativewall.com. We will activate it from backend.

  1. What is Mycreativewall website all about?

    Mycreativewall is a portfolio based hiring and skill development platform focusing on the design community. There are portfolios of 7000+ designers published on the website. You can sign up, upload your portfolio and apply to job opportunities or freelance projects.

  2. Is there any charges for creating a profile?

    No. There are no charges for creating a profile and showcasing your portfolio.

  3. How many jobs can I apply to?

    You can apply up to 5 jobs in one month under free plan. You can subscribe to a premium plan to apply to more number of jobs and feature in the top of the applicants for a small fee.

  4. How to upload my portfolio on Mycreativewall?

    You need to register as a Candidate. Once you finish registration, you need to login and will be redirected to Profile creation page. You need to upload image files in your portfolio.

  5. Can I upload Youtube videos?

    Yes. You can give your youtube video links.

  6. I’m a content writer with sample articles. How can I upload my work?

    You can copy paste your sample articles in text format under Portfolio upload tab. You can also share links to your articles published on the web.

  7. What are the other features offered by Mycreativewall?

    You can get your portfolio reviewed by one of our experts for a small fee. Get your interview published in our blog among 100+ creative professionals.

  8. Will Mycreativewall share my profile with companies?

    We have a network of 3000+ companies who are constantly looking for designers like you. We keep sharing your profile with the companies frequently and also in social media. You’ve high chances of getting calls if you’ve published your full portfolio.

Congratulations! You are now a proud member of a 7000+ community of Creatives at My Creative Wall!

Portfolio Review

We have a panel of experts from various fields who will review your portfolio and give you valuable feedback.

What are the benefits of Portfolio review?

Receive constructive feedback on creative and technical aspects from industry experts.

Improved portfolio increases your chances to get noticed by prospective employers / clients.

Your portfolio is your identity. Raise your work to professional industry standards.

Get insights into new areas of skill development.

How much does it cost?

We charge a fee of Rs. 199 /- where you get benefits like Portfolio Review, Apply to more Jobs, Priority Application to jobs.

Would you like to have your portfolio reviewed by our team of industry professionals?

Not Now Yes! I would like to